Is Spiir secure?

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Security is our highest priority in everything we do at Spiir.

And nothing is more important to us than making sure you feel 100% safe when using our app.

Bank-level security measurements

We use bank-level encryption and security practices to protect your data and personal information. To start using Spiir, you safely connect your bank accounts to our app by logging in the same way you do to your mobile bank.

Your login information is then encrypted and stored in two separate systems. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to connect the two information. In addition, all communication to and from your bank is encrypted according to the same standards as the banks use themselves.

Read-only access

When you add your accounts to Spiir your transactions are automatically analyzed and categorized into more than 80 different categories to give you a perfect overview of your money and spending.

To do this, we need your consent to retrieve data about your bank account name, balances, and transactions. We use your data to offer our services to you, such as quizzes about your spending, your weekly overview, top 3 spending and much more.

You control your data 💪

You’re always in control of your data when you use Spiir. We never share your data with third parties without your explicit consent. If you wish to delete your Spiir profile, all your data and information will be deleted permanently. You can read more about how we manage your data in our privacy policy.

Approved by the FSA

We’re a licensed Account Information Service Provider & Payment Initiation Service Provider and operate under the supervision of the Danish Financial Services Authority.

Want to know more about our security?

You’re always more than welcome to send us a message if you got a question – we love to help 😃

You can also read more about how we handle your data and personal information in our privacy policy.