How does Spiir make money?

Let’s start with the most important thing:
We don’t sell your data. Never have. Never will. 

We make money in two ways:

Helping companies build innovative digital solutions

We've built Spiir with a technology that makes it possible for you to see all your finances in one place across any bank. And now we offer this technology, called Aiia (previously Nordic API Gateway), to other companies that want to create innovative solutions for their customers.

Aiia makes it easy for any company to build solutions on top of financial data from both personal and business accounts. We have already helped big companies like Danske Bank, DNB, Santander, and OP give its customers access to all their financial data across banks in the Nordics in their mobile banking app.

Head over to Aiia if you want to learn more about it 😊

Finding better alternatives to your monthly bills

Cheaper phone subscription? The best deal on insurance? Your favorite streaming service for an exclusive price? We want Spiir to help you with every aspect of your finances. Including giving you a helping hand with your monthly expenses.

We’ll find exclusive partnerships that can lower your monthly bills or find better deals that give you more value for your money. And if you choose a deal, we’ll get a fee from the partner. That way, everybody wins 💰

Currently we only have offers available in Denmark and Sweden but we're hoping to expand that to other countries as well.

Got a question? Don’t be shy. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you 😊

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