How do I add Nordea (Norway)?

You can add your Nordea accounts by using BankID or by using the same username and pincode you use to access your Nordea Mobile bank. Here’s how you get started:


  1. Enter your ID number (fødselsnummer – 11 digits)
  2. Enter your BankID code and follow the flow

Username and pin code

  1. Enter your username (typically your fødselsnummer – 11 digits)
  2. Enter your pincode

You can activate your username and pincode by going to your Nordea Netbank:

  1. Log in to Nordea Netbank
  2. Choose "Mobiltjenester"
  3. Select "Opprett forenklet innlogging"
  4. Follow the instructions and create your own pincode

Please note:

  • Right now we don’t support automatic updates, if you login by BankID. This means that you have to manually update your accounts until we support the automatic updates.
  • We’re working on implementing new bank integrations due to the EU directive – PSD2 (Payment Service Directive II). This means you will have to log in to your bank again to keep the connection between your bank and Spiir active. You might also experience that you have to log in a different way than you’re used to. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions 😊

Got a question? Drop us a line and we will help you get started 😃

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