What are spending goals?

Spending goals are an easy and intuitive way to save money on the things you buy in your everyday life, like groceries, shopping, or fast food. 

Once you’ve set a spending goal, Spiir will automatically keep track of your spending for you and help you stay within your goal. You’ll get a heads-up if your spending is running wild or cheered on when you're on the right on track.

After all, money saved is money earned 💰

How do I set a spending goal?

You can choose between setting a spending goal for an entire account or for a specific category Here's how you do it:

Press and hold on the account or transaction (category) you want to set a spending goal on

Choose the amount you wish to stay below (you can click on the number to set a specific amount)


That’s it! Now your spending goal is all set  🎉

How do I change my spending goals?

Press and hold on the spending goal you want to change. Now you can set a new amount. 

If you want to delete a spending goal, just swipe it to left it from spending goal overview and hit the trashcan button 😊

Can I set a single spending goal for several categories or accounts?

Nope, unfortunately not. You can only set separate spending goals for an account or a category. 

Can I set a spending goal for a whole year?

Not at this moment. You can only set weekly or monthly spending goals. 

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