What are shared accounts?

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Share the love... and the financial overview with Spiir shared accounts 💚

Shared accounts are Spiir as you know it. But for two. You can share accounts with your partner, a roomie, or anyone else. It’s the easiest way for you to get the full financial picture of your shared finances. With shared accounts you’re able to:

  • Get the full overview of your shared accounts

  • Write notes to transactions and categorize them

  • Make shared spending goals

So what are you waiting for? Open the app and invite that special someone – after all, sharing is caring 😉

How do I invite my partner?

  1. Select 'More' in the menu

  2. Go to 'Profile' and then choose 'Partner settings'

  3. Tap the 'Get started' button' and enter your partner’s email to send an invite to them 💌

Is it possible to set accounts as private?

Nope. It’s not possible to set accounts as private when you share accounts with your partner.

How do I delete my shared accounts? 

Open the app and press on the blue menu button. Go to More → Profile → Partner settings. Here you can see your shared Spiir account and who you're sharing it with. Swipe it to the left to and tap the red trash can to delete your shared account.

When you delete your shared accounts this is what happens with your data:

  • You keep your own accounts

  • You keep your own transactions

  • You keep your own spending goals

  • You keep your own transaction notes

  • All your shared Spiir cards will be deleted