How do I get insight into what data Spiir processes about me?

You have the right to gain insight into the data Spiir processes about you. To make it as safe and easy as possible, we have developed a function where you can easily retrieve the information that appears from Spiir's systems yourself. This is information that Spiir or our data processors store about you at the specific time, however with certain exceptions that appear below.

You can find the function at

Information that appears from the automatic data extraction

When you request access to your data, the system will automatically retrieve all the information that we can identify as being related to you from our systems and make it ready for download in a ZIP file. Once you have downloaded and unpacked the ZIP file, you will receive a series of CSV files corresponding to our various systems you may have data in. Do you have problems opening the ZIP file or the CSV files contained therein, you are welcome to contact us at

File Description
Account.csv Your linked bank accounts in Spiir
BankApiCredential.csv Connections to your banks
Budget.csv Budgets (from Spiir Web)
Card.csv Cards (messages) you've received in Spiir
CardLog.csv Actions you've performed on cards in the Spiir app
CardSetting.csv Information associated with cards you have received in the Spiir app
DataExportLog.csv When you have exported your budgets or transactions
Document.csv Documents/receipts you've uploaded
ExternalUserId.csv Pseudonyms used as a link to your user
LogOnHistory.csv History for login on our services
Mail.csv History of emails we've sent to you
Monitor.csv Challenges
MonitorState.csv History for Challenges
MobileDevice.csv Which mobile devices you have associated with Spiir
NotificationSetting.csv Settings for notifications
PasswordReset.csv History of reset passwords
Posting.csv Transactions from your accounts
PushNotifications.csv Push notifications we have sent
Quiz.csv Quizzes we have made in the Spiir app
QuizResponse.csv Answers to quizzes
SpiirAccount.csv General information about your Spiir user. May be shared for users connected to a partner user
Token.csv Automatic login associated with the Spiir app
Upload.csv History of syncs of your connected accounts
User.csv Your user in Spiir
UserConsent.csv Your consents
UserMessage.csv Messages sent to your user on Spiir Web


There are cases where we unfortunately are not able to give you insight into the specific information that we process about you:

  • Where Spiir processes information that is not stored by Spiir and our data processors.
  • Where we cannot identify you based on the information we hold or you have provided to us.
  • If it would violate the rights of Spiir, or other users, including security, trade secrets, or intellectual property rights. This information is marked as hidden in the data extract.

You can read more about how Spiir processes your data and about your rights in our Privacy Policy.

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