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  • [SOLVED] Bad quality transaction texts from SDC banks: We are aware of the issue with SDC banks in Denmark and Faroe Islands (e.g. Lån & Spar Bank), where we do not receive useful transaction texts on card payments since January 8th 2023.
    • We have contacted SDC and they are currently working on a fix.
    • SDC banks include: Lån & Spar Bank, and most of the 'Sparekasser' banks
    • SDC has informed us they plan to release a fix on the February the 5th.
    • Update February 6: The problem is now fixed for new transactions. We are working on at fixing it for transactions from January 8 - February 5. We expect it to take a few days before it's solved for all users.
    • Update February 7: The problem is now fixed for both new and existing transactions. If you still experience this issue please contact us at support@spiir.dk
    • Last updated: February 7, 2023
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